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All the best for you in 2022!

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

The main point of my lecture is that every photo inevitably fictionalizes the reality and it is the very possibilities for revealing the hidden reality in the world. I lectured to the students of my alma mater for an hour and the following question-and-answer session lasted for fourty five minutes. It was a great opportunity to organize my thoughts on photography, though it was a bit too tough job for me, a photographer.

My first attempt in the new year is to take part in Rotterdam Photo 2022 on Feb. 10th - 13th.

I exhibit 22 pictures from my projct “Inteface / Interference” there. I’ve already sent all the prints to the festival official. I’ll let you know the details in the near future. I hope the pandemic eases steadily and the festival is held in safety and with great success!


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