The festival was postponed from Feb. to May because of the pandemic. But now it’s close to the opening. The new date is May 18th to 22nd. I exhibit 22 pictures as I mentioned in the previous posting. For more information, click the following URLs.

The festival has suffered from the recent tough situations in the world. From the pandemic to the serious problems of the physical distribution system. My pictures finally reached the festival official in Rotterdam via four other countries, that is, China, Thailand, Dubai and Germany. Besides, even now the officials are faced with a new difficulty caused by the same problem. Lack of containers, which are used as exhibition spaces and symbolize the exhibition in the major port city.

We live literally in a complicated world that stems from globalization. Now there is no incident remote from each of us wherever we may live.

Updated: Jan 10

At the end of 2021, I lectured on “psychology of creativity” in the Art Center at The University of Tokyo.

The main point of my lecture is that every photo inevitably fictionalizes the reality and it is the very possibilities for revealing the hidden reality in the world. I lectured to the students of my alma mater for an hour and the following question-and-answer session lasted for fourty five minutes. It was a great opportunity to organize my thoughts on photography, though it was a bit too tough job for me, a photographer.

My first attempt in the new year is to take part in Rotterdam Photo 2022 on Feb. 10th - 13th.

I exhibit 22 pictures from my projct “Inteface / Interference” there. I’ve already sent all the prints to the festival official. I’ll let you know the details in the near future. I hope the pandemic eases steadily and the festival is held in safety and with great success!

"From the Terminal Station, Guangzhou 1997" #11 ©Toru Ukai

"From the Terminal Station, Guangzhou 1997" #71 ©Toru Ukai

"From the Terminal Station, Guangzhou 1997" #69 ©Toru Ukai

China was in a transition stage in the late 1990's. Everyone tried to find and go their own ways for better life. There was not any paved road for the future but some obscure path like

an animal trail. People looked as if they had lived on their own without the aid of society.

I, a man from a well-controlled country often flinched at their life force. I could barely compete with them under the protection of my company, my passport and the Japanese yen.

Now I know that Chinese big names like Tencent and Alibaba were about to be born just in the chaotic period. Chaos is the womb of a revolution or innovation. A sign of prosperity had begun to grow in it, though I regarded it just as disorder then. The times were streaming aside of me toward the unknown future…

You can see other images related to the article in the project "From the Terminal Station, Guangzhou 1997".

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