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While a rescue operation from a major earthquake is going on, a large number of people are killed in war and some countries seem to be prepared for another military action.

The world is full of inconsistencies and it’s a shame that we easily get used to the contradiction.

It’s not so difficult for us to digest a tragidy as far as it is nothing but a piece of information about the tragidy…

Francisco González, an independent curator published a feature on my project “Whispering in the Suburbs” on the website ADFPHOTO.

It’s worth reading thanks to his deep insight into our modern society and civilization.

Visit the following page and enjoy it.

¡Muchas gracias, Francisco!

Toru Ukai «Whispering in the Suburbs»

Everywhere we are, we can find a ray of hope.

Let’s see a bright future over dark clouds hanging low in the world.

I believe in our ’resiliency’.

It’s almost impossible for us to defend ourselves perfectly against many different kinds of difficulties in this confused world.

So I think that ‘resiliency’ is a key word for living through it.

The following is an image from my ongoing project "Going Back Up the River”.

I’ve had several trips to the provinces for working on the project last year.

It’s a journey to the older layer of Japan and I try to understand what my own aging means

through the process of the journey.

I hope that ‘aging’ gives me some unexpected harvest.

It’s a great pleasure to announce that I take part in a summer group exhibition 'Toshi - City' at IBASHO gallery in Antwerp. I find it an honor to show my above pictures there with great works by Elsken, Klein, Ishimoto, Moriyama, and so on. Stop off at the gallery while having your vacation!

You can enjoy seeing all the pictures of the exhibition here, too.

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